Polishing Booths

We produce a wide range of industrial and technical equipment, of which Polishing Booths is a part. Our Polishing Booths are extensively used in Primer, Paint and Lacquer Coating and Curing on Non-Metal Items like Wood Furniture.

Polishing Booths Comprising Of The Following

  • Primer/Paint/Lacquer Spray Equipment
  • Primer/Paint Spray Chamber called Spray Booths
  • Primer/Paint/Lacquer Curing Ovens

Primer/Paint/Lacquer Spray Booths Are Of Different Types

  • Downdraft Dry Back Type
  • Downdraft Wet Type Down Draft Booth
  • Downdraft Pit type i.e. collection tank is situated under the finished floor level
  • Specialized Downdraft Uplifted Tank model allows most shop to have the opportunity to utilize the benefits of a Downdraft Spray Painting Booth.
  • Downdraft Booths are also available in Conveyorized schemes for continuous painting of huge mass products such as chassis, car body, large engines, transformers, export containers, truck body cabins, etc.
  • Downdraft Central suction type down draft booth.
  • Downdraft Single Sided.